Arjun Badola

Avoid loser's mindset

When there is no need for money that’s when you get the money

Sometimes you can be that person who just doesn’t have what it takes. It can be in investing, bodybuilding, studies, anything!

You would put in all the effort and think that the world is now obligated to provide you with the results and if you don’t get the results, you would start blaming the system/platform/algorithm.

For example: Bill thinks that he has been making videos on YouTube for five years and now the world is obligated to bring him a good number of subscribers for his channel. He checks his channel stats and whines about it daily to his friends. At the end of the day, he concludes that the system itself is rigged and nobody helps him so he cannot achieve success.

I feel Bill’s mindset is totally in the wrong direction here.

Running behind views and subscribers would only lead him to one thing: Unhappiness. It is something which is out of your control and if the same is not achieved you end up doing things which are against the reason of starting this project which you had in the first place.

Just like in the stock market where we don’t have control over the returns, where we can’t use any material as authority and say that we are now bound to double our money in a year similarly it is with getting an audience for yourself.

It is just one sudden moment the odds line up and you get your treat. There is no secret key to open that treat box. It opens when it’s time.

One can be a stress free content creator only when you don’t have the urge to earn money or get that fame.

If you enjoy the process and would still enjoy it even if your content platform is shut tomorrow then it’s going to be an amazing journey.

As it shows that your main goal is to learn about the thing on which you are making content. Such people are not ‘content creators’ they are more like teachers or learners who are sharing their journey and learnings.

Just think about this: If professor Sanjay Bakshi removes his blog today will he start whining that he doesn’t have subscribers now? His focus is on enjoying the process of investing. Reading about businesses and riding the wave with them + teaching students (as he is a professor)

Your total focus should be on the knowledge gaining process and thoughts related to earning money should be thrown out of the criteria for sharing any content.

As I had mentioned in one of my previous articles, “When there is no need for money, that’s when you get the money.” If you run behind the money first, your incentives change and you throw the learning process out of the window.

No Alternative to Smartness

You have to be smart. There is no alternative to that.

At least if you can’t be smart, become aware of it and learn from the smart people around.

Don’t just go around complaining about the world isn’t right. You need to question the world and have the confidence that they could be wrong and you might be right!

If someone gives you advice there is no obligation in following that advice. Have independent thinking and make independent decisions. Plus if you take someone’s advice but due to your foolishness of not understanding the advice correctly, please don’t start playing the blame game here.

Just like nature, the world of systems created by humans is brutal too.

With your dumbness, not questioning things, following advice as if it is the authority, etc. will never help you succeed. You would come back and start complaining that you have tried all this and it doesn’t work.

Nobody can teach you how to be smart. You realize it as you live life and interact with more and more people.

Somebody could tell you don’t touch the fire as you will burn yourself but out of curiosity you go near it which is totally fine, but just before touching the fire if you don’t reconsider your decision of touching it, that is when you feel the extreme heat, then it’s your fault.

In no way I am saying that you should be the smartest person in the room everywhere you go. But the least one can do is realize where smart people have failed and how to not touch the fire again. You can’t be smart but you can try to not be dumb, by avoiding the obvious mistakes and learn from smart people out there.