Arjun Badola

How do i start writing online

Before we get into how we must answer why.

Be very clear on why you want to start writing online (I mean having clarity and not rigidity. Goals keep on changing).

Why one has to be clear about it?

As that would tell you the amount of effort you have to put in for just expressing yourself out there.

If you decide to write for earning money by attracting audience then it requires a lot of effort.

One has to buy a unique domain name, get it hosted, work on SEO, build an email list, keep posting content, stay up with the trends, etc.

The problem here is doing all of these things one really gets stuck into trivial things which are no way improving your writing.

Soon, you lose your focus from improving your skills and start getting addicted to getting more audience.

Writing not for money has its huge benefits like:

  1. You can write on topics you want to write on and not go for the trending topics so as to get more views. Ex: If one currently writes an article on ITC, I am sure you can get many views on it.
  2. Write when you feel like. There won’t be any compulsion to post weekly/biweekly.
  3. No need to use search terms in your articles.
  4. SEO….huh, why? Relax and just express yourself.

So, sit back and think about this carefully.

How do I start writing online?

After you have decided your purpose for writing, I would suggest to start with spending some money like buying Domain name, etc. as this would act as an external motivation for you to write. (This is what I did)

Once you inculcate the habit of writing then you can switch to a free platform (if your goal is not to earn money from your blog).

What to write about?

Share your journey as you keep learning. Don’t be afraid to be wrong. Just be honest while writing and accept the mistakes you make during your journey.

Read about the concept of “Learning In Public” which encourages one to make their learning journey public.

Trust me its going to be a great experience. After few months of writing when you look back to your first article you would notice a huge difference.

Writing online will expose you to other people who are interested in that field and interacting with them will help you grow a lot.

When you finally decide and write your first article do send it across to me on Twitter. I would love to read it. Cheers!