Arjun Badola

Is your ‘competitor’, really your competition

What really is competition? I have noticed students(including me) waste too much time on thinking about defeating their ‘competitor’.

Some of the ways which I have seen/experienced:

  1. Denying Notes
  2. Providing wrong information
  3. Denying help just because they are your ‘competitor’

People you might be thinking are your ‘competitors’ might actually not be. What I believe is life is like a marathon and each person is in his own race, running alone. The only competitor is you. I know this is very cliché but that is what I believe. Wasting your time and energy on thoughts related to defeating your ‘competitor’ by such cheap/dirty ways is useless.

You need to be so unique and different that even if all your notes/secrets are exposed, they still cannot throw you down. As they cannot change your thinking which you might have deployed through extensive reading and spending hours on learning/understanding things which they try to do using shortcuts at the last moment.

I would like to end this short post with a quote from Chinese philosopher and also the founder of Taoism : –

Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny. - Lao Tzu