Arjun Badola

Losing focus

I was losing out my focus.

My initial plan to start writing online was to improve myself and share my thoughts.

Being an investor, writing down your analysis helps a lot and making that public will open door to criticism and healthy discussions.

But soon the game had changed from learning new things to getting a bigger audience.

I was more interested in people subscribing to my email list and that would give me dopamine hit (Just like how it happens with likes on social media).

I got so lost in this chase of email list that I would spend more time thinking about how to get a bigger audience instead of learning about companies and investing.

Subconsciously, paying more attention to building an audience led me to settling down in other field of my life.

Example: As I was having online classes it was much difficult to focus on studies due to less attention span. On the other hand, I had this thing (Email List) which would give me dopamine hit for getting new subscribers. So, I would go on YouTube and spend hours learning about it and trust me its not worth it. Specially if you are going to skip classes.

People (including me) watch videos where someone would show how marketing could generate side income from their blogs.

There are so many people out there who would recommend that make content which is trending, use google search term, see what is popular, etc. Its all BULLSHIT.

Do what you love.

If you love writing and want to improve yourself only then build a blog.

If you love talking, make content through videos.

Shy in front of camera? Share content through podcast.

Make the content which you want to share with the world and not the opposite way around.

Don’t listen to people who say that post every day or week. Do what you feel like.

But if you are in the game for making money, then forget whatever I just said.

Remember, Life is short.

You would stop caring about earning money when you realize that there are not many things you ‘need’.

If you are still crazy about getting that fame then at least hire someone to do the marketing.

Your time is extremely important, don’t waste it in doing trivial things.

I am happy that I realized it pretty quick for me. The goal is to become a better investor and not a marketer.

So, I shouldn’t be spending even a second on sending out newsletters just to attract people for signing for my email list.

I would write and enjoy my learning experience peacefully. Cheers!