Arjun Badola

Why you should be on twitter

In my earlier post I had written about how social media has become the modern struggle most importantly for my generation. Today I will be writing about how Twitter is an exception and why you should be on Twitter.

Creating your own newspaper

In one of the Prof. Sanjay Bakshi’s tweet he mentioned about how one can create a personalized newspaper for themselves using screener website.

I believe same can be done with Twitter till an extend.

By following people you admired you can create a place where you know what quality of material your mind will be fed with.

You will stay updated with what their thoughts are, which sectors they are looking at, books/articles they are reading, etc.

By following some great accounts you tend to consume some extra ordinary knowledge.

But remember your twitter feed is what is going to act as a bridge for connecting to new thoughts hence we don’t want a situation of “Garbage in Garbage out”.

If you feel someone is not adding value in your feed don’t hestiatie to unfollow or block that person.

Consider your twitter feed as your temple of knowledge which needs to be maintained by you. Don’t let people throw litter inside your temple.

Therefore, Twitter feed is a nice way to control what thoughts you want your mind to process.


These days we make portfolio websites which consists of sharing information about our skills or make a personal brand.

Twitter is all about sharing your thoughts and you attract people based on content i.e. your thoughts which you share.

Make use of Twitter’s algorithm in your favor. As you share content about things you are passionate about it will show it to those who have similar interest like you.

Most of the time people who are quite well known in your industry are there on Twitter, which means whatever you build you can share it with them!

Plus they welcome people to share content and look forward for fruitful interactions.

Online Journal

There are gaps in one’s thinking because you are being kind to yourself. When you deicide to write it down you have to fill those gaps.- Naval Ravikant

There is nothing like writing to force you to think and get your thoughts straight. - Warren Buffett

Writing down your thoughts is going to help you get your thoughts clear about the topic.

Plus if you are investor then you can share your rationale or opinion on companies and always go back and look at it.

One can also use twitter’s advance search which is an amazing tool to find the content you are looking for.

Further, sharing thoughts on companies attracting criticism from people which could also help you improve your thesis.

Sometimes such things lead to knowing things which you don’t know that you don’t know.

This could also apply to disclosing your your portfolio but that is not for everyone if you think you could handle the pressure then its cool, because there is constant questioning which makes it difficult to hold your stocks for long term.


Make a personalized feed for yourself, don’t hesitate to block/unfollow, and constantly share your content for creating a feedback loop.

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