Arjun Badola


Hi, I am Arjun Badola- A law student with an interest in analyzing businesses.

I use this place to document my thought process on various things which are very random in generally but majority of it would be related to stock market investing. Further, I also share my business analysis in collaboration with SOIC.

My investing style has evolved from being a Benjamin Graham style investor towards Moat investor followed by pure fundamental person (with focus on growth) to now moving towards TechnoFunda style of investing.

People from whom I keep learning:

  1. From Warren Buffett: I learnt how to think about companies, stay in the game for long-term, and choose quality business- even if you need to pay a little more for them.
  2. From Charlie Munger: I learnt about the importance of multi-disciplinary approach and use of mental models in investing.
  3. From Prof. Sanjay Bakshi: His talks and writing (via his blog) has taught me the application of Buffett-Munger approach in Indian context. Plus, I also got a chance to talk to him over zoom call and had a great discussion over one of my articles he liked, which was like dream come true!
  4. From Ishmohit Arora: He is the founder of SOIC and my mentor. By writing articles for them I have learnt that if your business analysis is strong, one would automatically understand the valuation part. Valuation must always come after getting the business analysis right.
  5. From Ashish Kila: He manages a family office fund under the name- “Perfect Research”. I got an opportunity to personally meet him in Delhi and really enjoyed the conversation which was full of learnings and insights. Having an open mindset, staying in an industry with tailwinds, portfolio allocation, eagerness to learn, taking help of technicals, and lot more I keep learning via interacting with him.
  6. From Ashwini Damani: He is full time Senior Research Analyst. I get a lot of feedback from him on my notes/articles, and he is always there to clear doubts and share his learnings. How to think about Corporate Governance, Portfolio Allocation, Valuation, Industry Insights, etc. are some of things I keep learning from him.
  7. From Shubham Mishra: He has been active in the market since 2015 and his style of investing is more towards technical analysis but he also maintains a seperate fundamnetal portfolio. I have been learning a lot about technical analysis from him. He is active on twitter and regularly shares his insights there.

If you’re not sure which to read, try Revisited: a new perspective on startups, The mindset: stock or business, How to generate stock ideas, or It’s difficult.